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About Us

Thank you for browsing on this website, we hope so far that itís been a great encouragement and resource for you. Our desire for this website was born out of a burden to give thousands of Christians around the world access to many of todayís missing messages in this generation. Countless Christians around the globe, especially young people, are starving for truth and reality in this Christian journey which is so gloriously described in the scriptures.

These sermons are a means to stir you up to seek God with all of your heart until you find Him and until you get power and victory. So that we can be a generation which will see a move of God that will awaken many Christians and save dying souls who are headed for an eternity separated from God. We hope the listeners will begin to burn with a passion for holiness, truth and the presence of God.

The content on this website has been carefully selected to impact the listeners. Although this website is not extensive, they are the kind of messages that you can keep listening to over and over to stay reminded of its powerful truth. If you do find this website to be a great blessing please do write to us and testify of what has happened in your life.

But for now, get fired up, get serious, get surrendered, destroy all sin, devour the word of God, seek Him with all of your heart, preach the gospel and pass on these important messages to those who need it!

Go for it and let nothing and no one hold you back, never give up, never give in, never cool down, until we see our glorious Jesus face to face having faithfully endured all!

Until then

Go Forward!

Holy desperation!